The pics say it all. Here’s our totals:

945 push-ups 

950 sit-ups

87 calls


This morning was difficult to get going. I must say at 5:30am it’s super tough to do 425 push-ups when no one is looking and when I could have been comfortably laying in bed. 

Once I started I got in the groove though. Isn’t that always the ticket. 

Getting these done first thing in the morning is key. It’s just like getting the calls done first thing when I get to the office. Get them out the way. 

Yes, that a weighted vest… It don’t stop!

The challenge though is I think I am aiming for way too many calls especially with all I have to do as the owner of Mitech daily. This is no joke. Meetings like crazy, putting together proposals, follow up, nurturing partner relationships and more. 

I’m ahead on push-ups and sit-ups but behind in calls. Also tonight wifey and I did Bible study while nearly sleep. We gotta do this earlier like after dinner or during or before. Whatever works.

Took an after dinner nap this evening and got up refreshed. Must have been tired. But I guess so with a lunch run of 3.5 miles and hundreds of push-ups and sit-ups today. I did get 100 more sit-ups in tonight and stretched for about an hour while watching a marathon documentary.