I got up waaay too late this morning to get in push-ups. I did get in 100 push-ups before I jumped in the shower. 

No excuses though. Get up no later than 5:35am going forward. 

For lunch I went hard on push-ups and sit-ups at the Y plus had a juice for lunch (celery, lemon, green apple and ginger – homemade). I usually intermetent fast during the week and just have a juice for lunch. 

555 push-ups total

230 sit-ups

13 calls (two good opportunities)

Got this from a Facebook friend today and look how I responded. 

I honestly think God looks at us down here on earth sometimes and thinks ‘If they only knew what they were capable of!’

We have got to stop short changing ourselves. Remove any limiting beliefs and perceived limitations. It’s time to max out! Are you ready?? 

I’m still going to get more sit-ups in. 

I also learned today that the Nike deal I’ve been working for 2 months is progressing nicely. We aim to close this deal mid March. This will be a nice one. The whole teams activity has jumped up and they just don’t know that’s it’s about to jump up even more. Our production needs to quadrupole off we want to achieve the goals I have for this company. 

There is no limit with God. All things are possible. Let’s go bruh!! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽