If you don’t remember anything else from me, remember this: Always set goals and crush them! Run through the finish line and not just to the finish line.

I am proud to say I knocked out 10,000+ push-ups and sit-ups / crunches for the month of March without injury or bodily harm. Of course this took a lot of stretching and paying attention to my body, along with eating whole foods for the proper nutrients. We got it done!

What’s next for my Life Resume? Not sure yet. But I’m thinking of setting the goal to run 2 marathons for the month of April. 2 half marathons. For now I have to get in a rest day especially since I ended my PT this month with 800 push-ups and 500+ sit-ups at 5am. All good. I’m accountable to myself and God.

What did I learn this month about myself?

  1. When I commit, I commit. And my mind/body just follow.
  2. The old belief that multiple reps on one exercise is not effective is a lie
  3. I don’t need weights to look ripped
  4. God is always with me. But I feel him closer when I engage Him more. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

What ill you put on your Life Resume next month in April?

ME? I’m running 2 marathons and transitioning to a whole-food plant-based lifestyle.