Up and at it early and completed 432 push-ups in less than 23 minutes. Did 2 sets of 50 and 25 to 1 sets… that’s 25, rest, 24, rest, 23, rest, 22, rest, 21 and so on

Then went to run 3 miles for lunch, stopped by Kwench to get juice and made it back to the office in time for a 2pm Clubhouse event plus a 2:30 EO Nashville meeting. 

The run downtown was hard (probably because of the push-up workout this morning) but adventurous. I stopped by a client’s grand opening. Slim & Huskys opened a new location downtown on 5th Avenue. They are the very first black restaurant to open on lower Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee! Great inspiration for entrepreneurs who want to make moves and break ceilings and defy the odds. 

Today was about taking advantage of the opportunities in front of me. Great weather, supporting a client, get in some cardio, grab a juice and get in work too! 

This morning’s calls were a grind. I had 41 calls done by 9am this morning and uncovered a couple of new conversations. Consistency is one secret that most can’t commit to. It’s my super power. I’m consistent as the sun. Don’t play.