March 5, 2021

I aim for this to be a rest day for me and do a long run on Saturday. I will stretch for about 2 hours today but that’s my workout grind. 

Got an extra 50 push-ups in at work. 

My body is already starting to get used to hundreds of push-ups per day. If I don’t do them there’s a problem.. like what?

It’s like that with any habit. We can actually train our brain and mind to get accustomed to certain activities whether good or bad. This in my opinion is a serious tool for high achievement. 

We must create certain habits, especially those that are uncomfortable, in order to habitually do the things that most people are not willing to do consistently. 

Are you willing to do what others won’t do you can have what others can’t. 

Truth be told, the greatest gifts are those intangibles. These are the innate gifts or developed talents within that help you stand. 

In my book GET OFF YOUR ASSETS, I discuss why these gifts, if nurtured, will lead anyone to greatness. What we are capable is absolutely incredible if only we get off our most valuable assets and use them appropriately. 

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