March 6, 2021

Day 6

This Saturday morning I got Up at about 4:30 AM to prepare for an early run with Black Men Run Nashville. This morning was kind of special because we were supporting Jamie Scott as he does the 4 x 4 x 48 challenge created by David Goggins. The challenge encourages you to run 4 miles every four hours for 48 hours straight. That’s some serious ultrarunning stuff!!

But Jamie is a runner and runs about a seven minute mile typically anyway. So I believe he’s going to knock it out with no problem. I met up at the trail in East Nashville and ran a 4 mile set with him and about 10 other guys.

I actually had the wrong gloves early this morning. These were new gloves but much thinner than my usual running gloves which I left at the office. My hands started to freeze up and get super stiff on the last mile of the early run. So I left that run and went to the office to pick up my other gloves to complete a second round for the day. I ran downtown and knocked out over 4 1/2 miles pushing myself. It was a tough run down West End and Broadway but the scenery was nice nonetheless!

I had a talk with Marcus Terrel about increasing my times. He’s quite simply said run or sprint hills and do interval training at least twice a week. That’s what brought down his times. He said just one year ago he was running 11-minute miles like I am now. Now he’s running 7 to 8 minute miles with no issue. Wow! That’s where I got to be. It’s going to take commitment and consistency but I’m down for that. Because that’s what I signed up for in this life. 

That’s what I signed up for every day to achieve greatness to push myself and max out!

What happened next was absolutely crazy! I started to sneeze every 10 to 20 seconds once I got home. My nose was running like crazy. And I realize I was having an allergy attack all of a sudden. I googled runny nose and allergy attack after running and apparently this is a common thing. So I took an allergy med and texted my wife what was going on. She told me about some meds in her cabinet drawer and I took those. I’m committed to getting my push-ups and sit ups in for the day. No excuses!

I very well could have told myself. Nope! This allergy attack is something serious. I can’t complete my workout today. Boo boo!

I literally had to stick small pieces of toilet paper in my nose to catch the drainage. That’s how much my nose was running. Super uncomfortable. But whatever. I’m getting my push-ups and sit-ups in. 

I had a quick nap, got up, tools some allergy meds, turned on some Kanye West and got to my push-ups and sit-ups. Push through. 

All power is within me to do ALL things through Christ! Let’s go! 

Today’s grind was:

Sets of 30 to 1 push-ups

Sets of 25 to 1 sit-ups or crunches 

That’s a total of

465 push-ups

435 sit-ups 

I’m on track to meet the March goal of 10,000 each for push-ups and sit-ups 

Grand totals for March 

2585 push-ups

2555 sit-ups crunches 

162 calls for Mitech

Bible study with wifey every night ✅ 

Now it’s time for a 2nd shower and time w family.