March 9, 2021

Day 9

When do I ever feel like getting up to do push-ups or sit-ups? When do I ever actually feel like cold calling?

It’s safe to say never. 

But usually the things we want to achieve in life don’t require things we always feel like doing. 

If the road to success was full of fun activities, wouldn’t everyone be at the top? 

This journey is road less travelled baby. A buddy told me I didn’t need to cold call everyday because I already built a 7-figure business. I told him he doesn’t get it.

There are 2 things I know for sure:

  1. I’m nowhere close to where I want to be in business or life.
  2. I separate myself by publicly doing something that sucks every single day in order to build discipline and thick skin. 

Today was no different. 

I woke up and got 100 push-ups in before a morning shower. I was moving slow as my body was aching like crazy. And my calves still had a slight pain from yesterday, although it felt 30% better. 

I got to the office and started on my calls reaching out to east coast hotels. The team usually starts to get in at 7:30am and I stop for my daily accountability call with

Boom I’m back on the calls at 7:45am

I completed 41 calls for the morning before our 9am company huddle. 

Then it was back to back meetings with partners Operations and HR. 

I headed to Kwench to get a juice then to the Y with the intention of walking some on the treadmill to see how my calve was feeling. I’d give it a little run if I felt good. 

It felt so good I decided to do interval training. And I literally tried to push myself until I physically could not run anymore. Kinda crazy I know. But pushing yourself is kinda fun when you look back (not during the pushing). 

I got in 3 miles total with intervals like crazy, sprinting for 5 minutes then jogging for 1 minute or so.

Then I headed down to the stretching room to knock out some push-ups. I started with a set of 50, then went to sets of 25, 20, 19, 18.. I didn’t make it to 1 but ended up doing exactly 300 push-ups in less than 15 minutes which gave me a total of 400 push-ups for the day. 

Quick shower and back to the office for a 1pm meeting about government opportunities for Mitech. 

Great business day today as we got some ink on a new contract and got clarity to push some big deals along. 

Back home I dove into crunches and did an abs workout from YouTube for a total of 400 crunches. 

Completed the day with 3 miles of sprint intervals, 400 push-ups and 400 crunches. 

March Totals:

Push-ups 3460

Sit-ups / crunches 3277

243 calls