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Say the right things to build a quality pipeline of potential customers with consistency. This will CREATE momentum for your sales efforts.



Develop the discipline and skill to follow up daily like a professional and not a pest. This will SUSTAIN your momentum.



Learn how to network and tap root other people’s network with a value add. This will ADVANCE your sales.

David Furse, Entrepreneur & Business Professor at Vanderbilt University

Bill is a true triple-threat: smart businessman, tenacious entrepreneur, and inspiring speaker. I’ve had him speak to my Vanderbilt class on multiple occasions and he always delivers. 

Rodrick Glover, Owner of I Can Fly Network

The tips Bill teaches are real and are helping people to Believe in themselves with real Action Steps. If you are ready to go to the Next Level……. Buy the “Get Off Your Assets Book” Today!! GOYA Baby!! Let’s GOYA!!!

Chakita Patterson, Owner of United Street Tours

I was a sales rookie when I signed up for Bill’s Training. By following his proven methods, I tripled my income in 8 months.

Bill teaches you how to think differently, put your products and services in fron of decision makers and craft the language to accomplish the sale.

Ray Crutchfield, owner of Crutchfield Efficiency Solutions, LLC

I started using his strategies the following Monday, and by Tuesday – literally the second day into using Bill’s system – I landed my first client off of cold-calling. Just an hour or so with Bill on Friday was literally worth thousands of dollars for my business. I can’t recommend Bill highly enough.” – Ray Crutchfield