I’m headed to the mountains this weekend so I wanted to get some miles in just to ensure I am on track to meet March’s goals.

I started with the intention of running 3 miles. After a slow 1st mile to get warmed up, I decided to pump up the speed for a 8:30 minute mile for the 2nd mile. Then after being out of breath, I walked for a minute or 2.

Then I decided to sprint intervals for 2 more miles. That’s sprinting for 5 minutes, then walking the rest of the mile. I felt so good I did this for an additional 4 miles. It hurt real good! The pain and the push from within was so challenging I literally almost started crying, just knowing how hard I was pushing myself and the gains I’m having.

It was kind of like after sprinting, I felt like giving up on life (joking!). But once I walked for 2 minutes, I was ready to challenge myself again with a faster sprinting speed.

The cool thing about the treadmill is that you can control the speed and time to the second. So this was really a good interval session to work on my speed when running long distances.

I usually listen to Travis Green or Ty Tribbet when I run. This also usually drives my conversation with myself and with God. Most times my consistent motivation comes from this effort. More later.