March 20, 2021

Up at it at 5am

Half a cup of black coffee

2 cups of water

Stop at Shell to get 2 bananas. I eat half of 1.

Grab 2 gatorades

Head to the downtown Y to park in their garage. Cause I pay for that with my membership.

I don’t necessarily want to map out a route this morning because I’m feeling adventurous and I just want to enjoy the scenery.

I run the first mile down Charlotte Avenue in 9:53 minutes. The shocker is I’m not even tired. I remember running at this pace a month before with BMR and feeling like I needed to walk. LOL. I’m feeling good. Progress is being made anytime consistency is in the picture.

This whole run I’m listening to a podcast (I can’t even remember the name of it) interview David Goggins, a former Navy Seal and Ultra Marathon Runner. This episode was over 2 hours. So I knew I’d listen to most of it. It definitely kept my attention and worked on my mind games forcing out thoughts about the time, how much time I had left, how I was feeling.

I kept telling myself ‘Just run and enjoy God’s glory!’ Every time I told myself that, my mind shifted to the sun or clouds or trees and nature. 

Being super present in just one activity can magnify that activity like crazy. That goes for anything. I truly believe that’s why sex is so amazing. Usually during sex, we only focus on sex with that person. This deepens the activity and of course the relationship.

If we can apply this intentionally to other important activities, it’ll pay off for sure.

This morning before 8:30am I knocked out 8.15 miles with an average mile pace of 10:45. I feel pretty good about that especially since I ran the whole way, body is feeling great and I controlled my mind most of the way.

Now off to get a COVID19 Vaccine shot!

Day 21

March 21, 2021

Guess who got pains like crazy from the COVID19 vaccine. I feel like I have flu symptoms and can barely do 5 push-ups. 

Rest day indeed! 

Day 22

March 22, 2021

I’m staying super disciplined as it relates to the marathon training schedule my coach sent me. So today it’s just a 4 mile run.. Tomorrow it’s a 6 mile run.

I was debating in my head as to whether I should outside or at the Downtown Y. Since I forgot to bring my strap for my phone I decided on the treadmill inside. Tomorrow it’ll be outside for a cool 6 miles.

I’m beginning to get super bored however running on a treadmill. But that’s just another mental game. No excuses young brother. Do what you gotta do.

Today I was very proud of a sales rep on my team that got ink for 2 deals. His belief system is pretty low in relation to what he can achieve at Mitech. But I am pouring into him daily and letting him know that he’s got what it takes. 

Nothing reveals that more to me like running. Sometimes I don’t think I can complete a run without walking or within a certain time frame.. But I usually defy the odds and surprise myself. Continue to thrive and crush your goals like none other. Nothing is impossible if you believe, right God?

Today’s run was a cool 4 mile run. Roughly 10-minute miles with a little incline on 2 at the end. Got home and knocked out 530 pushups before dinner. Feeling good. Sit-ups tomorrow.

Today’s Grind:

4 miles

530 pushups 

2 new clients at Mitech

Bible Study with Wife

Day 23 

March 23, 2021

Today was a day for the books my peeps!

I was feeling especially tired probably because of the 530 push-ups and 4 miles from yesterday at lunch.

Even my assistant told me ‘You look tired…’ I told her I kinda felt tired but still had to run 6 miles today. She said ‘Well you don;t HAVE to.’ 

That made me think. She’s right. I actually don;t have to run 6 miles. But I choose to run 6 miles regardless of how I am feeling. And although it looks like it’s about to rain outside, the training must continue without excuses. Fortunately I had the foresight to pack a running rain jacket in my workout bag. So I’m good. But trust and believe, even if I didn;t have that rain jacket, I was still going to run in the rain outside.

I checked out the weather app which said 40% chance of rain. It wasn;t raining yet and the temp was almost perfect, 66 degrees. Cool!. I head to the Kwench to grab me a Vitamin C juice drink then the Y. I change in about 8 minutes and head out.

I remember running a 6 miles route with BMR a couple of months back so I decide on that route downtown and get to it. It starts to rain about half of a mile into my run. And honestly it feels very good. Cool breeze seems to be pushing me when I run a little and I’m not even hating the first mile like I usually do. My time hits my ear for the first mile: 9:52… Once again, this is not fast at all but for me, it actually is fast. In the past, if I’ve run a 9:50 or so mile first mile, I’m huffing and puffing and super tired already. But now I’m not. I guess all the running, 105 miles in February, running hills and consistency are starting to pay off! I keep it up as I head up a hill on Broadway in downtown Nashville.

To my surprise, I keep each mile under 10:23 for an average of 10:08. Now when I say I am excited about this, folks I am excited. Just last Saturday I was excited about an average of 10:45 per mile on an 8-mile run. But this is progress. Now to be honest, I did pause the time on the running app to take 2 sales calls while standing over I440. And yes we closed that deal today and got ink!

So I’ll have to see this Saturday when I crush 9 miles if my times have truly come down this much.

Nonetheless, the run felt great, we closed deals today at Mitech (over I440) and I made it back in the office in time to complete some follow up calls. Tomorrow I’m looking forward to a crazy pushup game and closing Goodwill of Alabama, 2 locations.

Day 24

March 24, 2021

Reached a personal best today of 1000 push-ups today. Usually I’d stop at 530 which was my midday workout count. But once I started after dinner for my 2nd workout, I reasoned with the winner in me that I might as well got 1000. 

I went into the dungeon bro! And got it done 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

It was a day 1000

1000+ push-ups 

Closed 1000+ MRC (Goodwill of Alabama). We now have 3 locations and the manager stated he wanted us to take over all 10 locations. 

March 25, 2021

Morning meeting had me out in Brentwood today. So I chose to get 4 miles done at the Brentwood Y.. smooth and easy. 

This meeting was stupid crazy in a good way. I met up with a new referral partner who’ll be partnering with us on deals for telco and IT services. Looking forward to great connections and more deals for big revenue. Let’s go!