March 7, 2021

Today was a rest day for the most part. Well not really.

But best believe I got something in. I knew I wasn’t going to do a long run since I had one yesterday. But I wanted to start working on getting my times down. So based on what Marcus Terrell from BMR told me yesterday, I decided on running hills. 

I am lucky in a sense I literally have 3 steel hills to cover just to get out of my neighborhood. This sucks when it’s snowing or icy. But for bill training, it’s perfect. 

I told myself let’s do 10 hill sprints this afternoon and we’re done. I’m always talking to God like that. Ok God, this is what we’re gonna do… 😎

After sprinting the first hill I was so out of it, I had no idea how I was going to run another 9. 

Have you ever felt like that? Promised yourself something only to realize you may have over promised? So there I was again questioning my sanity. Why did I commit to this? What’s the point? Just run 3 hills instead of 10. Start small right? That’s the conversation in my head. 

But I do what I’ve done in business multiple times when faced with a huge goal or objective to meet. I focused on the next task in front of me. 

I walked down the hill and sprinted the next hill, worn out like crazy and barely catching my breath. I walked down, stretched a little, then sprinted back up again. 

This time I was so done, I had to rest at the top of the hill for about 30 seconds, then I walked back down. 

I figured I can at least get to 5 hill sprints. I picked an adjacent hill and sprinted up. This hill wasn’t as steep as the other one. So I jogged back down catching my breath. 

I sprinted up the first hill again. Crazy worn out. This hill is a beast! I’m breathing like I’m having an asthma attack or something. I’m not but I’m wishing I had another lung. It was during this sprint I started to focus on my breathing though and noticed a distinct difference in how I felt. 

Inhale twice through my nose, then exhale twice through my mouth. Repeat! Although seriously out of breath, the sprint actually felt better. I jog down and do 2 more hills. 

Coming back down from hill number 7, I notice a neighbor who I’ve never met (it’s a new subdivision development) walk out to the sidewalk with a bottle of water. I turn off my music cause it looks like he wants to talk. And I don’t mind talking right now…

‘Hey there,’ he says. ‘You’re obviously an athlete and a had to commend you for your commitment to this workout you’re doing. I got a water for you.’

We intro ourselves then he asked me a question that cracked me up so much I’m still laughing about it. 

He looks at me and says ‘Are you a player, a Tennessee Titan?’ 😂 

This guy thought I was an NFL player. Well of course he did. What other idiot would be running hills on a Sunday afternoon to stay in shape? Me folks. That’s who!

I told Lee – my neighbor – I’m just staying in shape and making sure my temple has the right energy and focus to build my business and work in God’s purpose. 

And that’s it folks. You never know who you’re influencing or who’s watching. People think one thing but when they find out your foundation, it can change lives. 

The Bible tells us to be the light of the world.. shine bright my people!