After sprinting hills yesterday and being mistaken for a Tennessee Titan, my left calve has a striking pain. Nothing terrible but I could feel it towards the last couple of hills yesterday. I finished them anyway. 

I stretched out my calves for about 30 minutes. But woke up this morning still feeling it. 

You know me! I YouTube-ed why and found some absolute truth about this issue. I worked on a personal valve massage throughout the work day and got got some stretching in before and after my 40 cold calls before 9am (uncovered a hot opportunity with a hotel in Maryland by the way). 

Still focused, I headed to the Y to knocked out 475 push-ups and over 300 sit-ups. The only reason I didn’t get more in is because they told me the water would cut off at 1:30pm for about an hour. And I mist have a shower after a workout folks! 

I headed to Target after work to get a roller and rolled the mess out of my calves, hamstrings, quads and back when I got home. Feeling great right now. Got that blood flowing. 

FYI, rolling muscles is a workout by itself!

Wifey and I finished Bible study early and that caps the day folks! Plus my son Miles got his née desk delivered… 😎

Total MTD:

3060 push-ups

2877 sit-ups